The Office Committee assigns desks for PhD students in Levine Hall and 3401 Walnut.

This page is a work in progress and will be updated with more information about desk assignments by the end of summer 2022.

We do our best to seat people by research area and accommodate special requests. This is a list of general seating arrangements as of summer 2022. There may be exceptions depending on availability and we are happy to work with you if you would like to sit somewhere else.

  • Distributed Systems Lab: Moore 1
  • Robotics, GRASP: Levine 4
  • PL, databases, ML, architecture: Levine 5
  • Distributed systems, physical systems, CV: Levine 6
  • NLP: 3401 Walnut 4C (Dan Roth), Towne (CCB, Mark Y)
  • Algorithmic fairness/data privacy, CSS: 3401 Walnut 4B
  • Algorithms/complexity theory: 3401 Walnut 4C

The current members of the Office Committee are:

  • Steve Zdancewic (Associate Department Chair)
  • Cheryl Hickey (Administrative/Event Coordinator)
  • Alyssa Hwang (PhD Student)
  • Harry Goldstein (PhD Student)
  • Stephen Mell (PhD Student)